Summer 2016

Bridging the gap between Academia, Research and Industry

Skills learned in the classroom paired with powerful, innovative, and productive platforms prepare students to solve the grand challenges of tomorrow. NI puts this into practice and gives students the opportunity to “Do Engineering” by bringing real-world experiences to education.

The “Internship for Entrepreneurship Program” prepares the future generation of engineers and equips them with tools and systems that empowers them to innovate in the engineering world with energy, confidence and motivation. The program bridges the gap between Academia, Research and Industry by putting cutting edge technology into the hands of students and helping them build proficiency and encouraging them to start their own companies. It gives the opportunity for talented engineers to develop themselves as both technical and business leaders.

With extensive training sessions in advanced technologies and platforms (Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm, Software Defined Radio, 5G, Industrial IOT, Big Analog Data, Automotive Testing, Biomedical Research and many others) interns have been able to develop exceptional prototypes and innovative solutions with a bright opportunity for implementation and market entry.

Moreover, interns had access to NI’s network of entrepreneurs (CardioDiagnostics, myKi), business incubators and accelerators (Bader Young Entrepreneurs, Berytech, Speed, Altcity, UK Lebanon TechHub), and professional business mentors (Darwazah Center for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at AUB OSB), who provided them with world-class experience in ideation, introduced them to the entrepreneurship, business mindset, and introduced them to the commercialization of solutions. These partners are key players in the local and regional entrepreneurship and tech startup ecosystem.

At the end of their internship program, these bright minds have pitched their projects to a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, business incubators and accelerators, industrialists, NI partners, and Academic Professors. With the presence and support of the general director of the Ministry of Industry Mr. Dany Gedeon, these talents were featured and recognized for their potential as future industrialists and entrepreneurs.

ZRE was also appreciated for hosting the event at their premises.


internship-02 internship-01

Figure 1,2 : Pitching & Business Empowerment Sessions

internship-04 internship-03

Figure 3,4: Serious and Friendly Work Environment

internship-06 internship-05

Figure 5,6: Best Intern Award, End of internship Ceremony


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