Let’s say you are at a networking event, or in a meeting, and you want to exchange contact details. You have to find your personal business card and give it away, take a card from the person in front of you, grab a pen and write a note on the back of the card you received, and then reach out to your phone to enter a reminder on when you would like to follow up with this person. Later on, if you remember, you will have to add this person to your phone or outlook contacts, or just throw the card in your office drawer.

Tech-savvy people have an app for each of the above steps! There are apps to scan business cards and sync them with the phone contacts, some other apps to take notes and reminders, and some other apps to send your contact details digitally.

But what if I told you there is one App that does all the above!

Monica wants to reinvent the way you exchange contact details, and set reminders for your follow-ups.

Using Monica, you will be able to capture, from one page and in a few clicks, the contact details of a person you just met (even if they are not using the app) by scanning their business card or entering their info manually (in case they don’t have a business card), typing a quick note about this person, and setting a reminder for when and how you would like to follow-up with this person.

When you press save, Monica will send your Mcard (electronic business card) to your new contact’s email, with your picture and your social media links, and a quick “add to contacts” button so they can easily save your details in their contact list.

When the time is right, Monica will remind you to follow-up with this person and allow you to enter a note about the follow-up and a reminder for you next interaction.

Just like a CRM but without all the complications!

Things get better and quicker if the person you meet is already a Monica user.

You can just look up his name or email and “handshake” him which is Monica’s version of requesting his contact details. If this person accepts your “handshake”, then you can see his contact details and he will see yours.

Not everyone can afford a personal assistant, wouldn’t be awesome if we all had one? Because when you lose a business card or forget to follow-up, it is not a call you are missing, it might be a whole business opportunity!

Download Monica, forever free, version 1 from the App and Play store to get your personal assistant today. Premium features will be available in the future for 25$/ year. Visit www.monica.events and choose the version suitable for your phone OS.

We are looking forward your comments and feedback.

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