After a few test drives as a secondary event app in Speed@BDD’s Demo Day II, Launch Summit and other local events, and long debugging nights from our talented Dev team, Monica has launched its events’ networking application.

Monica is not your traditional white labeled event app!

Monica is a community platform for events, where event organizers can list their event details, multi-track agenda, send push notifications, and newsfeeds to their attendees totally for free.

The attendees sign in with their LinkedIn accounts, and for each event, answers 3 questions. Monica will then provide them with an automated list of which talks to attend, which exhibitors to meet, and which other attendees might interest them. Monica allows attendees and exhibitors to exchange contact info and add follow up notes without using business card, notebooks, or their calendar. Monica can also remind them when to follow up with their leads and can tell them if any of them is attending a future event that they are going to. A tinder-like feature will allow users to say hello to other attendees, break the ice, and agree on a meeting inside the event.

What is amazing about Monica is that it uses a machine learning algorithm to enhance its recommendations throughout the user’s journey.

We, at Monica, are very excited and proud to have secured our first event, the Entrepreneurgy Summit on October 30. We hope to see you there and get your feedback on Monica.

To Download Monica:

Android    IOS

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