Building a technology hub accommodating an active and vibrant community is a never-ending ongoing challenge. Month after month, Beirut Digital District is taking shape and new additions and improvements can be observed. As always, our main focus is our tenants; we are working hard at BDD to create the ideal business environment for the digital and creative companies to produce and grow.

Within the last few months, new facilities have been completed and many changes are now noticeable at BDD:

1.     New garden with an Information Booth
This summer and with the addition of BDD 1075, we have decided to refurbish our campus garden making it the piazza of the community which gives access to 3 of our 5 buildings. The funky BDD information booth will be located in the garden providing support for all the tenants and the visitors coming to BDD. The booth will keep the community up to date with the latest updates, and give information about the companies, room bookings, upcoming events, etc.

P.S. The garden provides free Wi-Fi all around so tenants can enjoy moments outdoors while chilling, working or meeting new people.

2.     New canteen: BDD Eatery
The new canteen has finally arrived!

BDD Eatery has been officially operational since July 2015, offering ready-made sandwiches, “Plat du Jour”, desserts (among which the famously delicious Saint Elmos cookie!) and drinks at affordable prices for employees. BDD Eatery is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM till 6:00 PM.

Moreover cocktails, drinks and snacks are available every Friday from  4 PM to 7 PM. Every Friday is a ‘Festive Friday’ at BDD Eatery:  it is the perfect occasion to end the week in a cheerful way, while sharing a drink with your colleagues and the community.

3.     Basement – BDD 1243
A new creative and colorful area has also been completed these past few months in the basement of BDD 1243. The area consists of 120 sqm open space with sky light ensuring the penetration of natural light and sunshine. If you have a small scale event, a workshop, or a training session, then the Basement is a perfect venue.

Le Wagon, a coding boot camp is currently occupying the space for 9 weeks (till end of November): participants will learn to code and become software engineers during this time frame.


To remain updated about our projects and events, please stay connected to BDD by visiting our website and following our social media pages:


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