Sqwirl is a technology company that is creating a platform to link freelance carriers to app users who need to dispatch things around the city. The platform operates through an app for iOS and Android, it offers seamless, instant and on-demand delivery from anywhere in the city to anywhere and back. Whether it’s to send a bouquet of flowers, get a couple of samples to clients to approve, or deliver a pair of shoes a customer ordered from an online store – Sqwirl is ready to deliver. Users can order a pick up with an expected time of twenty minutes and drop off within an hour, with real time tracking. We help people and businesses get the little things done so that they can focus on the bigger things in life.

In the beginning of September, Sqwirl joined the BDD community and established their new offices in building 1243. They were part of the Beirut Creative Cluster and have demonstrated their app on the BDD roof. So far, Sqwirl has partnered up with e-shops and social commerces, achieving more than a thousand deliveries. One particularly interesting story was to deliver a forgotten passport to the airport, and allowed the user to make it to the flight!

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